Commercial Cleaning vs Residential Cleaning: An Importance with Hospice Care

Cleaning Carpet in OfficeA clean environment is important no matter where you are. Whether at a commercial or a residential area, cleanliness has tons of pros with zero cons. It promotes a positive lifestyle that can push people to maintain a clean home or workplace.

Professional janitorial service helps people have amazing clean environments. It’s a type of service that focuses on cleaning. They have various services that cater to different needs.

There are two kinds of cleaning services: commercial and residential. Some business owners might think of hiring residential services to save more money. But, there are differences between the two.

Services offered and quality

You won’t get the right services if you hire a residential cleaning service for your commercial space. Residential services could only offer basic home cleaning. This includes vacuuming carpets, cleaning bathrooms, and tidying up a house.

They won’t have post-construction or concrete cleaning that most commercial cleaning companies offer. The residential cleaning company may accept the job offer. But, they might not be as efficient and thorough as a commercial service.

The number of cleaning personnel

Commercial space is more often bigger than a house. This means that cleaning a business place needs more people. A commercial cleaning company can provide enough cleaners, unlike residential companies.

Residential cleaning services often dispatch only a single cleaner to a home. A smaller space means it’s easier and faster to clean which one person can do.

A restaurant, for example, maybe too big for a single person to clean. That’s why you need a group of professional cleaners that can quickly finish the job.

Cleaning equipment

Residential cleaners may not have the right equipment to clean an entire office. Sometimes, they would require a homeowner to provide certain cleaning equipment. For instance, if you want your home to be vacuumed, you must provide the vacuum cleaner.

Commercial cleaning services can bring the necessary equipment for various services. If you want your office carpets vacuumed, they can bring high-power vacuum cleaners. They may also have high-pressure sprays for power washing services.

Work time

Most residential cleaning services work in the day time. This is because most homeowners would prefer their houses cleaned in the day while they’re at work.

But, commercial cleaning companies do their magic at night. This is not to disturb employees during working hours. They use many high-powered tools that can distract employees.


The bottom line is that you can’t get the right services you need for your business if you hire a residential cleaning service. There are certain cleaning methods and equipment needed for commercial cleaning. These are only available through professional commercial cleaning companies.

The great thing about commercial cleaning services is that residential owners can also hire them. For homes that are too big, commercial services may be more effective.

These differences don’t mean that one is better than the other. It all comes down to the purpose and area that needs cleaning. You can get great services from each type of cleaning company, depending on the type of space you want to be cleaned.