Lead Management Made Easy with a Mortgage CRM Software

crm softwareLeads consist of people showing interest in the lending services your mortgage firm offers. They are the future customers where your business is built upon.

Generating new sales leads is one of the key factors to creating a successful mortgage business. A steady in-flow of quality leads ensures that your firm would have enough potential customers to cater to in the future.

However, generating and managing new leads isn’t that easy. Several marketing teams struggle to find good leads both in real-life and online. And when they do get their leads, they find it hard to manually keep track of them.

This is where a mortgage CRM software comes in handy. Firms must take advantage of the powerful lead generation and management features that a mortgage CRM offers. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a CRM to mortgage marketing teams struggling to collect and manage their leads.

  • It makes online lead generation easier

The best mortgage CRM software programs carry several features that makes lead capture from online sources easy and seamless:

  • Multiple Lead Source Integration – This tool automatically integrates online-sourced leads to the CRM system. It can capture leads taken from web forms and other third-party software.
  • List Upload – If your firm has manually-inputted leads coming from Excel files, CRM programs let you upload them seamlessly to their systems.
  • Marketing History – Leads can also come from previous customers who are still interested in the lending services of your firm. Mortgage CRM software programs also have tools that let marketing teams access relevant customer history and add them again as leads based on their recent borrowing activities.

All these features make it easier for marketing teams to collect additional online-sourced leads that would be otherwise hard to capture.

  • It simplifies the process of qualifying leads

Collecting several leads from various sources is a good practice. However, not all of them are truly qualified to receive the attention needed to nurture them into potential customers. Enter the process of qualifying and disqualifying leads.

A good mortgage CRM program must help marketing teams pick the right leads from among their pool of collected leads. Hence, most programs offer tools such as Lead Source Identification. This tool records where the leads were taken from and tracks their performance, so that your team can gain insight as to whether a particular lead is qualified for sales or not.

  • It automatically turns leads into contacts

Mortgage CRM software programs automatically add leads to their contact management platforms, making it easier for marketing and sales teams to initiate communication with their chosen leads.

Some of the noteworthy contact management tools that the best mortgage CRM software programs utilize include the following:

  • LOS Integration – This tool lets you sync existing borrowers and co-borrowers to your contacts.
  • Contact and Lead Group Management – This feature lets you create customized contact groups made up of your qualified leads. You can then use these groups to easily communicate with your leads through emails, phone calls, and other similar channels.

These two powerful tools enable marketing and sales teams to efficiently contact leads on a regular basis, which will in turn convert them into potential customers for your mortgage firm. 

In a Nutshell

Lead generation and management is not that easy, especially for busy sales teams such as those working in the mortgage industry.

Mortgage marketing teams nowadays use the best mortgage CRM software programs to aid them in efficient lead generation and management. Mortgage CRM programs offer lots of features to ease the work burden of marketers, such as:

  • Automated online lead capture and integration
  • Identifying lead sources to help teams qualify the right leads
  • Syncing leads to contacts and creating lead groups for easier communication

All these tools make lead management an easier process, raising the productivity of mortgage marketers and elevating the quality of leads and potential customers of your mortgage firm.

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